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Las Vegas represents all that we imagine when we think about experiencing the luxurious gambling lifestyle. This guide was developed to provide players who want to access all that this famous city embodies without having to travel anywhere with information that will lead players to trusted, safe, and reputable Vegas online casinos, as well as reliable online poker rooms and sports betting sites. All gambling operations, both online and offline will always be compared to what Las Vegas has to offer, and its safe to say that Vegas style gambling will be the standard that is always in demand. With many online casinos and betting sites offering this type of experience, these operations are often referred to as Vegas online gambling sites despite their location being outside of the city.

Nevada currently offers a handful of legal online poker options to its residents. They have not yet moved forward with legalizing any type of online casino or sports betting options. We are in the process of evaluating these state based online poker options, and as we complete our reviews and establish a cooperative working relationship with these brands, they will be included in this guide along with the existing Vegas style gambling options already presented throughout this site. Nevada has also recently established an online gambling pact with Delaware, something that may eventually provide online casino gambling access to their residents and visitors. We will include any applicable options in this guide as soon as we have verified their legitimacy and worth, and established contact with their respective brands. We also include legally licensed and certified offshore gambling sites that offer their services to US residents and visitors so that all players here in the United States will have access to legitimate Vegas style gaming options online.

As far as Vegas style casino gambling is concerned, you can expect to find information in this guide concerning Vegas online slots, blackjack, roulette and video poker. We intend to develop this guide into a comprehensive resource that provides players with all the information necessary to achieve a successful and enjoyable online gambling experience, as well as prepare new players for what they can expect from the virtual gambling arena. As closely as it resembles a visit to Sin City, it also has characteristics only found through a digital interface. A little foreknowledge can make the transition for players smooth and seamless while empowering players to make informed decisions regarding their personal participation.

There are multiple benefits to accessing your gambling entertainment via the Internet. For one, instead of spending your money on expensive travel arrangements, hotels, and meals out, you can instead spend that money on your favorite casino games, right from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere that you have access to a stable internet connection.  Online betting usually brings with it generous bonus offers which are rarely, if ever, found at land based casinos.  These bonus offers come in the form of welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, referral bonuses, and special promotions, tournaments and contests.  These offers can often double, triple, or even quadruple your bank roll, so its a nice way to start things off when possible.

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This guide will feature both legally licensed and certified Vegas style betting sites that are located outside of the United States, as well as recently launched state sponsored gambling sites that operate out of the existing Las Vegas casinos and poker rooms. Following is our top rated internet casino. They provide a trusted and reliable experience and cater exclusively to US players. Below our featured gambling site, you will see a list of our most trusted brands, each of them personally vetted and placed through an intense review process to determine their legitimacy and value to players.

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Bovada Casino offers the most realistic Vegas online blackjack experience as well as the innovative 3D slot games developed by BetSoft Gaming and only offered at a few sites.

Vegas Online Slots Casinos Match Bonus Offer Max Bonus
Bovada Casino 100% $3000 Casino 100% $5000
SunPalace Casino 400% $10,000
LuckyRed Casino 150% $3000
Vegas Casino Online 150% $3000