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Las Vegas online poker tournaments are now officially sponsored by the Silver State. 2011 legislation allowed for Nevada to legalize online gambling, and there are a few state-sponsored Vegas online poker betting websites currently running which offer cash games, Sit-n-Gos, World Series of poker qualifiers and satellites, and other tournaments. But the new regulation requires that you be located in Nevada state boundaries to access these state-sponsored websites and play for real money. However, there are also those legitimately licensed Internet companies which offer American and international gamblers the ability to legally participate in Las Vegas style poker tournaments, as well as Sit-n-Go sessions of Texas Hold 'Em, Seven stud, Omaha and other popular poker games. You just need to know how to identify them, and we have done that work for you.

So, if you are looking for Las Vegas poker tournaments online, we will point out those websites which legally offer you access to the types of tournaments you are looking for. The companies which have taken advantage of the new state-sponsored legislation in Nevada offer 24/7 access from your PC or smartphone, and are available to not just only residents of that state, but also to visitors and travelers there. Las Vegas is also home to the biggest and most popular poker tournament in the world every year, the World Series of Poker. As you probably know, WSOP Main Event Texas Hold 'Em champions Chris Moneymaker and Greg "Fossilman" Raymer were two amateur poker players that got into the WSOP Main Event after winning low entry satellite qualifiers. These are the same tournaments which are legally offered to citizens in the USA and Nevada residents through the legitimately licensed poker websites we have listed here, giving you the same opportunity.

These and other online poker tournaments are available around-the-clock, and can even be accessed from your smartphone. If you are living in the U.S.A. as a native resident or simply visiting, legal poker tournament play via any computer with a stable Internet connection can now be offered thanks to a change in federal U.S. interpretation of the 1961 Interstate Wire Act which previously outlawed online gambling. The feds in America now understand that poker is a game of skill, and have allowed each individual state to adopt its own online poker legislation. Widely regarded as the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada saw its legislators pass laws to quickly become the first US city and state to legally offer online poker tournaments, cash games and Sit-n-Gos after the United States government passed that ability on to the state level, ensuring that Vegas online betting is alive and well and beginning to show signs of life.

This means that playing in poker tournaments online is legal for American citizens. In April of 2011, the three largest Internet poker rooms were shut down, but not a single player was charged with any wrongdoing. Those poker rooms were simply accused of illegal banking practices, but millions of dollars of player accounts were frozen. This gave online poker players in the United States a less than stellar opinion of all Internet poker rooms, and that is a shame. There are still reputable and honest Web operators which are legally licensed and certified offshore to offer online poker. And when you are playing in poker tournaments online, it is of utmost importance to understand that the website you are frequenting does hold legitimate licensing. For years we have acted as industry consultants, and are lifelong online gamblers ourselves. This has allowed us to discover exactly those online poker rooms which have generous welcome bonuses and excellent customer satisfaction reputations, but are also legally licensed to validly offer Internet poker tournaments to US and international players. For those of you new to online poker tournaments, we have included a screenshot of a tournament schedule from one of the most trusted USA online poker sites. As you can see, it is very active.

Online poker tournament schedule

You will find those companies listed on our website, offering access to the biggest and most important Vegas online poker tournaments. And remember, these are not only legally accessible by Las Vegas residents and visitors. If you happen to travel away from your home in Sin City, or do not live in Las Vegas or Nevada, we have also provided options below for legal Internet poker regardless where you live or travel in the United States. The legal climate in the USA finally recognizes poker as a game of skill, and that has opened the web to potentially life-changing online poker tournaments for Americans. Which means that once again, from the comfort and privacy of your favorite PC or smartphone, you can log onto the Internet night or day and enjoy your favorite poker games at legal, safe and secure Internet poker rooms. There are also a number of legally licensed and regulated Vegas online casinos and Vegas online sports betting sites available to US players. These sites are also located outside of the USA.

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The following Vegas style online poker sites have several things in common. For one, they were all carefully evaluated using our extensive review process, and were all found to meet our standards for online poker gambling performance. Secondly, they all offer a substantial online poker tournament schedule that provides around the clock options and buyins ranging from pennies to high roller figures. They are each legally licensed by a legitimate governing jurisdiction that strictly regulates online gambling in their regions. All except the last option accept players from the United States. We have also added one of the poker sites which is licensed and regulated by the state of Nevada, WSOP. This site only accepts players who are physically located inside of the state's borders, and offers pretty nice tournament options.

Vegas Online Poker Sites Match Bonus Offer Max Bonus
WSOP Poker - Nevada Players Only 100% $400
Bovada Poker 100% $1000
BetOnline Poker 200% $2500 Poker 200% $2500