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Who doesn't love a high quality casino slot game?  Slots are far and away the most popular of the games on the casino floor. The difficult part for most of us is getting to the Vegas Strip to enjoy these games  This is why the online gambling venue has become an 'in demand' industry among players worldwide and a preferred option for accessing Vegas Betting Online.  Having online access 24/7 to legitimate and high quality online casino games is something that players will take full advantage of, particularly those who are not within a reasonable proximity to land based gambling destinations. A lot has changed within the last year concerning US based options for online gambling, and this has resulted in a whole new level of interest in online gambling from USA players.

Nevada has recently launched a hand full of state licensed online poker sites for their players and residents. In addition, they have signed an online gambling compact with Delaware to facilitate interstate online gambling opportunities. While this currently only includes Vegas online poker betting, we expect it to lead to Vegas casino betting opportunities in the near future. As we wait and watch, US players do have access to multiple offshore gambling sites that provide legally licensed and certified, and that welcome players from the United States. These options typically include a variety of gambling venues, such as casinos, poker rooms and even high quality Vegas online sports betting. We will provide more information on these sites a little further down on the page.

Enjoying Vegas slots online has several advantages to it which are exclusive to the online gambling industry.  For example, not only do you no longer need to travel out of town, or out of state to enjoy your favorite casino games, you don't even have to leave the house or office. This saves you time, money and effort.  You will also have access to bonus offers that you simply won't find at a land based casino. Online gambling is available 24/7, so you can play at your own convenience, any time of the day or night.

Playing slots online is really not much different from playing at a casino in Sin City. The rules and objectives of the game are the same, and you still have access to a large variety of games that include progressive jackpot slot games, as well as games you won't find at physical casinos, such as the 3D slots mentioned above. Following is a screen shot of a popular slots game at an online casino to give you an idea of what the player interface looks like.

Vegas online slots betting screen shot

As you can see, the interface is identical to the type of options you find at slot games in a brick and mortar casino. Online casinos will also offer traditional one reel slot games for those players who enjoy the original slot games from back in the day, as well as video slot games up to 25 or more paylines. The 3D slot games are exclusive to the online venue, and offer a truly unique experience that we highly recommend you try out. You can learn more about these games in our recently added 3D slots guide. You can play any of the slot games for free in practice mode which will help you get the hang of playing online, and allow you to try out the casino brands we have recommended below to see if you like them before placing a real money bet of any kind. Free play options are a nice benefit to playing online.

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We will be closely monitoring the progress being made with state based online casino gambling, As we mentioned previously, there are some very reputable and high quality offshore casino brands that provide Vegas style online slots games in a safe and legitimate online gaming environment.   Below you will find a listing of some of the best online casinos already serving the US market and online gambling community at large with consistent and reliable online gaming experiences and high quality customer service.  We have tested each of these extensively, and in some cases have negotiated exclusive bonus offers which far exceed the standard bonus offer from those casinos. They are each legally licensed and regulated by a respected governing jurisdiction.

Bovada Casino offers online slots games

Bovada Casino offers a strong selection of Vegas style online slot games and offers all new players who deposit real money a match bonus up to $3000 over 8 deposits.

Vegas Online Slots Casinos Match Bonus Offer Max Bonus
Bovada Casino 100% $3000 Casino 100% $5000
Sun Palace Casino 400% $10,000
Vegas Casino Online 150% $3000
Las Vegas USA 150% $3000
Luckyred Casino 400% $4000